Services & Treatment

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Developmental Disability Programs & Treatments

At WOW, we believe in optimizing success through Individual-centered treatment plans, while utilizing multifaceted therapeutic approaches to improve outcomes. With congregate settings, adult-shared living, and in-home care services. (We accept IO and Level 1 Medicaid Waivers, local and self-pay).

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Non-Traditional Developmental Disability Programs

WOW has recognized that many individuals with Developmental Disabilities also face mental health challenges. This finding led us to provide non-traditional Developmental Disability (DD) Programs.

Skilled & Empathetic DSPs

Our dedicated professionals cater to homemaking and personal care services based on the needs of each individual. We provide congregate settings, adult shared living, and services in private homes. (We accept children, adults, and seniors).

We Assist with the Following Services:

  • Housekeeping
  • Medication assistance
  • Health maintenance
  • Recreational activities
  • Meal preparation
  • Daily maintenance

WOW provides both medical and non-medical transportation services. We either bill per trip or mile, depending on what has been approved. Our non-medical transportation services assist Individuals in attending the day program of their choice. We have wheelchair-accessible vans and buses for those who find transportation to be challenging. We can also provide billable bus aides if defined in the Individual’s service plan.

Day Programming and Residential

  • Employment first services
  • Adult day support
  • Supported employment
  • Creative thinking services
  • Community employment