Certified Through the Ohio Department of Disabilities (DODD), Provider Agency.

We provide specialized homemaker personal care, day program, and transportation services to persons-served in Northeast Ohio

Whitehouse Ohio Works

Whitehouse Ohio Works is a DODD health care provider agency in Ohio. Since 2009, we have recognized the responsibility towards individuals and delivered recognizable care to meet their needs.

We provide specialized homemaker, personal care, day program, vocational, shared living, and transportation services to persons served in Northeast Ohio.

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Quality Health Care Services

At WOW, we put Individuals and their families first.
We pride ourselves on exerting high-standard care with the help of well-trained, experienced, and compassionate staff. Our team encourages each Individual to live independently and helps them to be self-reliant (We serve IO, level waivers, local billing, and self-pay).

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Dedicated Staff

Our warmhearted employees carry out a wide range of homemaker personal care services and outcomes based on each Individual's needs. We provide congregate settings, shared living, and offer services in private homes. As well as, DSPs and Registered Nurses that are available to work... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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WOW provides medical and non-medical transportation services. We have wheelchair-accessible vans and buses. Our billing can be based on the per-trip or mile and is dependent on what has been approved. Non-medical transportation services help Individuals in attending the day programs of their choice or employment in the community.

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Vocational & Day Programs

WOW can support individuals in maintaining employment in fields of their choice and preparation for job readiness.

WOW Family Reviews

Leilani L
Leilani L

Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am for Whitehouse Behavioral Health. This company is extremely organized, and all the employees really go the extra mile to ensure that all their clients are treated with the utmost respect and care. Their day programs are both top-quality and engaging, and my daughter always has nothing but good things to say about them. She loves the staff, especially the nurses, and has such a great relationship with a lot of them, and because of this company, she really gained an even greater sense of independence and self-reliance that she didn’t have before.

Paula M
Paula M

I have had the pleasure of working at Whitehouse Ohio Works now for over 6 months. I do have to say I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. Christine, Susan, and Acia have been more than helpful in showing me "the ropes". Whitehouse if one of the most fairest companies I have ever worked for. I left the healthcare field over 10 years ago and thought I wouldn't go back. So glad I came across Whitehouse. They are very caring of the individuals they service. The best healthcare company I have ever worked for. The clients served are definitely their priority. So happy to be a part of a great team.

Christina S
Christina S

This is the best company I have ever worked for! I have worked in this field for 10+ years and have never worked for any company better than Whitehouse. The owners were awesome to work for, they treat the staff as one of their own like family! They are wonderful to all the clients. I was sad I had to leave. I worked here for 4 years and never had a problem and they paid well. I had to leave for family reasons because I didn’t have a babysitter for my children. I saw some reviews about this being a bad place to work for and I’m shocked, if you do your job properly you wont have any problems. Thank you Whitehouse for the wonderful opportunity, I will definitely miss my job and all the staff!